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All the equipment needed to support a temporary air control station, packaged in a user friendly and reliable portable solution

Key Characteristics

•  Rugged for field operations

•  Dual VHF AM radios (airband)

           Two controllers can operate simultaneously on two frequencies

•  Connection for six headsets

           Two controllers and up to four frequency monitoring

•  Two included headsets with auxiliary PTT

•  Digital audio switch panel

           Easy input and output control

           Intercom for up to six people

•  Integrated speaker

•  AC power supply with imbedded battery charger

•  Battery backup and charge level indicator

           Providing safe and effective power redundancy

•  Circuit breakers

•  Dual USB charger

•  Audio output

           For PA system and recording purposes

•  Backup portable VHF radio

           For last resort redundancy

•  Dual antennas with tripods and masts (packed in a portable case)

•  Whole package is aviation certified

Effective range: more than 30 NM

Autonomy on battery: Eight hours (typical)

Please inquire about options and customization

We will meet your needs!